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Our ZoomYogaNow Premier Instructor

Adrienne Costa-DiPaolo

Adrienne Costa-DiPaolo, E-RYT, CPT, MA has been regarded as one of the Jersey Shore’s leading experts on health and wellness for more than two decades. Throughout her career she has created personalized fitness/yoga programs for people of all ages and facing all types of conditions and limitations, like cancer, autoimmune disease, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes, surgery rehab, pregnancy etc. Her personal yet practical approach to exercise and healthy lifestyle practices has helped hundreds of individuals meet their health and wellness goals in a safe and successful manner.

Adrienne feels that a well rounded fitness/yoga program and balanced diet is the key to graceful aging, minimizing injury, and maximizing results. With an extremely diverse background and strong emphasis on mind-body practices, Adrienne holds a 230 hr. Yoga certification from Kula Kamala Yoga, AAAI/ISMA Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Training, Pilates, Tai Chi, Pre & Post Natal Training, Sports Nutrition Consultant, Bender Barre, and Johnny G Spin. She also earned her Bachelors from Rutgers University, Rutgers College and Masters Degree in Corporate and Political Communication with a concentration in Health Communication from Monmouth University.

About Us offers live online classes and private yoga training for beginners to anyone looking to expand their yoga, fitness and wellness goals.  Our instructors are registered yoga instructors that care about their craft and those taking their classes. 
Our classes are thoughtfully choreographed for each audience and our private instructors take the time to get to know each client, customizing yoga sessions to fit each clients abilities and goals. 
All classes and sessions are taken from the comfort of your own home which takes down the barriers for many to join a yoga class.   

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