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Now you can have your very own yoga instructor personalizing a yoga session just for you!  Sessions are online right from the comfort of your own home via Zoom Video Conferencing.  The yoga instructors at ZoomYogaNow will take the time to understand your limitations and goals, then construct a plan to help you achieve those desired results.  Getting in better shape is not something we can attain in a quick fix, it requires dedication, knowledge and the motivation to complete the journey.  Let a ZoomYogaNow instructor be your guide!  Sign up today and take the first step right to a healthier lifestyle with ZoomYogaNow!


After purchasing your live online personal yoga session, we will contact you for an online video conference to go over your abilities, limitations and your fitness goals. We will also pick out days/times of each session booked.  We Zoom Video Conference all of our classes and personal sessions so you will need to download the Zoom app for your phone or ipad, or install the software on your computer.  If you have an iphone and an apple TV you can airplay the Zoom conference right to your TV.  


Live Online Private Yoga Session

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