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Start Training with ZoomYogaNow

Interactive Kids Yoga & Craft Classes

Live Online Yoga Classes and Private Yoga Sessions

Holiday Themed Classes via Zoom - Invite Family & Friends!


Use Apple Airplay or Android Screen Mirroring to play on your TV from your phone or ipad!


Choose: Single Class,
Monthly Membership or
Private Session


Private Yoga Sessions- Click Here to Start
Your first appointment will come with a 15-30 minute online video consultation to discuss any injuries or limitations, as well as your fitness and wellness goals.  Session days & times are set during this consultation.

Sessions start at $49

Online Live Yoga Classes
Use the links below to purchase a monthly membership or pay for a specific class.  After you make a purchase we will email you a link and password to take that class, members receive links/passwords to all classes.

ZoomYogaNow Membership - Click Here
$39/month - unlimited classes


Download the Zoom app on your iPhone/iPad, Andriod device or computer.


Download the Zoom app so you can take our live classes or your private session.  Once the Zoom app is installed on your computer, iphone, ipad, Android phone or tablet entering a class or session is as easy as clicking the link we send via email or text then entering the one time password.

Download the Zoom app here

Want to Airplay or screen mirror the Zoom app live to your enabled smart TV?
Click Here for instructions on an Apple device

Click Here for instructions on an Android device.


Enjoy one of our LIVE classes or private sessions!


Live online yoga classes and private yoga sessions are now available on your phone, tablet, computer and TV. 

There are many benefits of yoga that start with making your yoga training a regular part of your lifestyle.  ZoomYogaNow offers a way to be a part of something that is happening now from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.  Start your training today, and start to feel better tomorrow!


8:30am 15 min. Abs

9am Mind Body Burn (45 min)

6:30pm Detox Yin (45 min)


8:30am 15 min. Arms

9am Rise & Shine Yoga (60 min)

12pm Pilates (30 min)



9am Mind Body Burn (45 min)


6:30pm Yoga Nidra - 1st Sunday of every month

(All Times Eastern)

ZoomYogaNow Class Schedule by Day

Our Yoga Teachers Get To Know You

When training for a healthier YOU, what can be better then a yoga instructor that customizes classes based on your unique ability and goals.  

Private Yoga Sessions

Bundle and SAVE!

Try one session or buy a bundle of 10 or more and save.
Click Here for more info 

Personal Yoga Sessions start whenever you decide

With your personal yoga instructor, you choose the time that works best for you!  Our yoga instructors are available from morning to night 7 days a week.  Sign up today!

Live Online Classes and Personal Sessions!

Why live online?  Why not?  We all want to be part of something that is happening now!   Not everyone wants to go to a yoga studio or watch the same digital video or DVD over and over again.  Our classes are always changing and our instructors are available for personal yoga sessions online right from your home.

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